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failing_music's Journal

I could've sworn I saw a light coming on
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Welcome to failing_music. Membership is open (For now), So feel free to join.

This is a community for sharing music, generally. Any kind is welcome, Just have fun with it. Found a new band you love? You can post about it here, Let other members know about how awesome they are.

1) If you request something, Please try to give something in return. If you don't have any songs on your computer, have a new computer, etc. etc, It's alright. Just try and give back to the community. If I find you post alot of requests and don't upload anything, I will ban you. Also check out This post when requesting.
2) Don't steal links, It's not nice. It's alright to direct someone to a site that has what there looking for, though.
3) Don't flame people. If you don't like what they listen to.. Don't go on about it here.
4) Please tag your entries with at least your username, So I know how much you posted. Also artists names of what you posted would be nice, As people can look back and get what there trying to find.
5) Post at least a bit, Don't just leach from everyone else.
6) Comment when you download something. It's nice to know who's taking what and it pretty much a given... slightly optional as I have no way of knowing who took what.
7) Make all entries friends only!

That's all I can think of for now. If you break any of the rules, You'll get banned. Depending on what it is, Maybe just a warning...

Notice: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. So if the feds come for ya, It ain't our fault because it was your choice to break the law.

crashh_andburn // sharemusic \\ ___indiekids___
playmusic // indie_exchange \\ dearsethcohen
happymealmusic // yousendit_

Want to affiliate? Want to apply to be a mod? Want to ask me any questions? Email me at spring90 AT gmail DOT com or Comment here